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Photo of Dictyocha speculum by Gabriela Hannach, King County Environmental LabPhoto of Dictyocha speculum by Teri King, Washington Sea Grant

Photo credit:

Gabriela Hannach, King County Environmental Lab.

Phytoplankton of the month — August 2019

Dictyocha speculum

Dictyocha speculum are solitary silicoflagellates, approximately 19-34μm in diameter, not including the spines. Two dissimilar hexagonal rings are connected internally by six bars, with six to eight spines radiate from the outer ring. Dictyocha speculum can be either naked (skeleton stage) or filled with an golden chloroplasts. These species are common near the coast, and cosmopolitan in cold and temperate waters.

For more information see: A Taxonomic Guide to Some Common Marine Phytoplankton, by Rita Horner (Biopress Ltd. 2002)

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